Massive McConnell Surrender Coming with $30 Million for Vax Mandates


Every time Biden is about to sink, McConnell steps in to save him. Biden was crashing when McConnell helped pass the $1.2 trillion ‘infrastructure’ package with the assistance of his RINOs.

The far-left nominees are getting pushed through in a timely manner.

He ignores the spy scandal, open borders, outrageous fiats, and now he’s going to fund vaccine mandates.

McConnell is also pushing candidates who oppose all of Donald Trump’s candidates.

He really can’t be considered a Republican any longer. He’s on the wrong side of the important issues.

The spending package is due in two days and word is out that McConnell is about to cave. Biden wants his entire socialist agenda and an additional $30 billion to fight COVID. Biden wants Congress to give him more funding so can keep on with his fight to take away all of our rights.

The GOP is negotiating a continuing resolution that will keep the government funded for a month, maybe a bit longer, so they can come up with a deal. Every deal Republicans make favors Democrats no matter who is in office.

Sen. Lujan is still hospitalized and can’t vote so any spending package requires Republicans to pass it.

Biden’s FDA nominee, Robert Califf, came up for a vote yesterday. Five Democrats voted ‘no,’ and we could have skated but McConnell and his reliable RINOs stepped in – Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Blunt, Toomey, Burr. Graham and Capito didn’t vote.

Rounds decided to vote present from a ‘no’ so he could even the numbers out with Lujan gone.


Now, these fools are going to cave on the spending package. They’re going to help Dems pass a temporary spending bill so they have time for their senator to come back.


If the GOP allowed the shutdown, they could kill the Biden agenda and demand a yearly budget like we are supposed to have according to our Constitution.

These Republicans must know that Biden and his Socialist Democrats are destroying the country.

They are worthless. We need more America First Republicans. Some of our Republican senators are really Democrat lite.

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