Massive voter fraud uncovered in Harris County, Texas


Former Houston City Councilman and poll watcher Andrew C. Burks, a lifelong Democrat, came forward to private investigators to express his belief that the long-running Democrat voter fraud operation in Harris County, Texas is still in operation in the 2020 election.

Burks explains based on his experience that electronic voting machines sometimes still have the ballots in them, meaning ballots were not counted. He explains how he has received evidence of dead people voting in Harris County, the National File reported.

Harris County, Texas is conducting 24-hour voting beginning Thursday, even as the county is engulfed in a voter fraud scandal that ensnared the Joe Biden campaign’s recent Texas political director Dallas Jones.

One Biden campaign staffer was fired after he was implicated in an illegal ballot harvesting operation.

Vote count discrepancies are already being reported in Harris County.

The FBI is investigating, for whatever the good that will do. I mean, they’re so busy investigating a Trump caravan following the Biden-Harris bus, and all.

Investigators Found Corruption

According to the National File, twenty private investigators have uncovered a great deal. What has been uncovered is a group of masterminds wanting to destroy the Texas voting voice. Some of the masterminds include Democrat County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Democrat State Senator Boris Miles. They have two captains, Gerald Womack and Dallas Jones.

Jones was hired by the Biden campaign to run the Biden Texas operation. These captains have scores of paid vote harvesters working for them. Vote harvesting is a second-degree felony under the Texas Election Code. This is a criminal operation that these Democrat elected officials are running. Dallas was allegedly fired by the Biden campaign.

If Texas turns blue, it will be wheeling and dealing like this.

They harvest ballots by mail from nursing homes, homeless centers, door to door in poor neighborhoods, often dressed as Census workers.  Also, they offer $50 gift cards in front of stores asking people to take ballots by mail, acquired from the above, to sign and mail at a local post office. They hold ballots by mail in several locations where people forge signatures on the collected ballots by mail.

Evidence has been presented to the local DA, Kim Ogg, who received a substantial amount of political contributions from Soros funded organizations in her election in 2018.

They mailed ballots to the elderly without requests in violation of Texas law.

In the meantime, the Democrats are implementing their massive election voter fraud scheme, mostly in open sight. One arrest would go miles in stopping this election fraud scheme. The drive-through locations are located primarily in Democrat areas. This also violates the 14th Amendment.”

Andrew Burks explains how he PERSONALLY was given info proving dead people’s names are used to vote.


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2 years ago

And the investigations will start..never. No one will go to jail. The votes will be allowed to stand because a Soros owned DA won’t bring charges or an Obama owned Judge will order that the ballots be counted. Politics has always been dirty, maybe even dirtier than ours is today. Politics draws the unscrupulous, the greedy and the honoreless. Even those who have honor, who believe in the people and believe in justice, get eaten alive once they arrive in DC. Either they owe their souls to special interests or the system silences them. We came very close to the second most perfect form of governence (God’s is first) except Jefferson was in France and could not get a term limits line added to the Constitution. Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison understood exactly what term limits meant; no life long place at the government trough. And the title of nobility that Hancock so longed for.

2 years ago

El3ction fraud has replaced campaigning in the Democrat party. It’s so rife we’ll never uncover all of it.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago

If by the grace of God we pull this off, we MUST give an ultimatum to Republicans… REPAIR THE WOEFULLY BROKEN voting system in America or we WILL NOT LIFT ANOTHER FINGER TO HELP THEM WIN ANYTHING.

Am SO FED UP with this crap. The DNC has been conducting voter fraud in every growing numbers for FIFTY YEARS. Republicans know it, have been too lazy, too cowardly to do a damn thing about it.

THIS MUST be the LAST time we are made to swim against a near overwhelming tide.

2 years ago
Reply to  Judyann Joyner

My sentiments exactly. It’s been too much to cope with them sleeping with the enemy all these years and then pompeo coming out and saying President Trump changed our views on China
Sometimes as smart as people think they are they’re, they’re thick as bricks.
Operation paperclip allowed the scourge on this COUNTRY of nazi affiliates and scientists across the world. I.e. the family of NWO Klaus Schwab .
We’re the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog in real time.

Dee Dee
2 years ago

Why are you surprised? We’ve known about Democrat voter fraud and dirty election tricks for months. And this certainly isn’t the first election when they’ve done this. SSDD

2 years ago

Democrats are going all out to win this election by any means necessary as Marxists always do when lawlessness is rampant.