Over 30,000 ballots missing in pro-Trump County in Pennsylvania


75,000 of Requested Mail-In Ballots in One Pennsylvania County Are Unaccounted For

Over 30,000 mail-in ballots in Butler County Pennsylvania are unaccounted for, causing county election officials to urge voters to utilize one of a few other options, like voting in person.

That is the county where nearly 60,000 people just showed up for a Trump rally.

About 40,000 voters in Butler County Pennsylvania requested mail-in ballots but election officials have confirmed that only 24 percent of those ballots – over 30,000 ballots – have not yet been returned for tabulation.

Butler County went for President Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 by a 2-to-1 margin, about 66 percent to 29 percent. It is located north of Pittsburgh and boasts approximately 150,000 registered voters. This means nearly one-fifth of all voters in that county have to scramble if they want their votes counted in the 2020 General Election.

County election officials say voters can come to the Bureau of Elections and vote in person. They must provide identification and they will be issued a new mail-in ballot that a voter can return immediately. The original ballot that was mailed will be voided.

If 75% of their ballots are missing, maybe it isn’t so surprising that Trump could lose Pennsylvania:

The USPS will be on top of it. Sure, they will.



  1. This Mail-in Ballot crap has not only been unethical but fraudulent malfeasance perpetrated by the Biden campaign, the democrat party, and the congress that passed this bogus rule change who knowingly ,and with malice of forethought devised this devious deception against not only the president Trump, but every candidate on the ballot and legal voting American Citizens.
    There is no reason these ballots could not have been handled the same way an absentee ballot is handled, by request only and then mailed in at a post office nit some cockamamie makeshift box And due and received no later than the close of polls on election day.
    There was no special accommodation for our military serving in war zones in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 when they were thousands of miles away in foreign hostile countries. Yet ,at the same time a number of those ballots were sent out late to those areas.
    This fraudulent farce is beyond BS, it is dereliction of duty and treason.

  2. Bill Barr has no interest in election interference which hurts Trump’s chances of winning, whether it be vote stealing, censorship, … the cheaters have a green light from DOJ to steal the election.

    • bill barr stated before congress, under oath, that the Trump campaign was spied on………….wtf are you talking about?

  3. It’s possible that since this county went for Trump in 2016 by a 2 to 1 margin, that people there are doing what most Republicans will do, vote in person. That’s what I did. Voting in person has the priority over mail in ballots if contested. Mail in ballots have the largest amount of rejection.

  4. “About 40,000 voters in Butler County Pennsylvania requested mail-in ballots but election officials have confirmed that only 24 percent of those ballots – over 30,000 ballots – have not yet been returned for tabulation.”
    Sentence structure is a mess, for starters. 24% of 40,000 is 9,600, not 30,000. Apparently, 9,600 HAVE been turned in, and about 30,000 have not. This is a good indication that 30,000 people intend to vote in person instead. Chicken Little can stop running in circles, okay? Wait until the vote is counted tomorrow before hinting at dark deeds.

    • Ummm . . . 75% of 40,000 is 30,000. Not sure where you got the quote, but clearly about only 10,000 of the 40,000 have been returned.

      This means that 30,000 are either lost, or the voters will vote in person AFTER REQUESTING AN ABSENTEE BALLOT, which is not likely (why would they have requested an absentee ballot?).

      Yes, it demands an answer!

  5. Well…it isn’t a surprise. We knew the Democrats planned to do this, and we refused to deal with the problem–even as the incidents piled up. Election fraud has replaced campaigning in the Dem party…

  6. This Is! Not Good!. we just got a new lock down here in Mass, 24hrs Before voteing!!!!… BAKER is snake!!! … Go vote!! anyway!!!. Vote TRUMP!!!!!!….

  7. Am I the only one who is not surprised about this type of story. There will be many more exactly like this one in the days to come. And of all the lost ballots, it will be found that only republican marked ballots remain missing and will substituted with properly marked democrat ballots of like or greater numbers.

  8. 30,000 missing….the people of that county need to be barnstorming that facility demanding where those 30,000 ballots are, and not leaving until they get a justifiable answer. If they can’t account where those ballots are, yank them out, tar and feather and run them out of town. That many can’t just be “missing”

  9. The voters in that pro-Trump county should have known better than to trust their votes with postal carriers. Commons sense would have reminded a Trump voter that most folks who work for the Post Office are about as Leftist Democrat as anybody could be.

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