Matt Gaetz Blasts Alvin Bragg, and Soros-ization of Justice During House Hearing


On Monday, the House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing in New York City to look at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s policies on victims of violent crime in the city. Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted the Georos Soros DA in New York City and elsewhere.

They were investigating Bragg’s potentially pro-crime and anti-victim policies as they affected the safety of New York City residents.

Radical activists disrupted the proceedings, which prompted House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan to call them “insurrectionists.”


Matt Gaetz Torched Soros DAs

Matt Gaetz blasted the Soros-funded district attorneys who are only multiplying and weakening the law in cities nationwide.

“In places like Tampa, Florida, in Jacksonville, Florida, in Tucson, Arizona, increasingly George Soros is putting in upwards of $40 million to elect 75 DAs to be able to engage in these downgrades,” Gaetz said.

“And by the way, not only are they downgrading the violent things, they can’t even win the cases they try. Mr. Holden, you pointed out the fact that Alvin Bragg is actually terrible at losing in court, and since I don’t have time, I would ask you for the record since he keeps losing all of his cases.”


Bragg’s Record Via The New York Post

Since taking office on Jan. 1, Bragg has downgraded 52% of felony cases to misdemeanors — compared to 39% in all of 2019. Between 2013 and 2020, under District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., the percentage of cases the office downgraded had never exceeded 40%, according to data made public by the DA’s office.

When serious felony charges are brought, Bragg’s office wins a conviction just 51% of the time — down from 68% in 2019, the last year before the pandemic disrupted the court system.

He has declined to prosecute 35 percent more felony cases this year than in 2019, with 1,119 so far in 2022 compared to 828 three years ago.

The DA’s office requested bail in only 49% of felony cases this year compared to 69% in 2019. State bail reform measures mean almost no non-violent felonies are eligible for bail now, although they were in 2019.

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