Biden’s Calling for Zero Immunity for Gunmakers


As Joe Biden makes the country far more dangerous and plans to sell us out to his global allies, he also wants to disarm us. In his latest tweet, the recommendations for an assault weapons ban, safe storage of guns, and background checks are the usual, but eradicating the gunmakers’ immunity from liability will destroy every gun manufacturer.

The liability is a clever far-left weapon they’ve tried to employ through frequent lawsuits. They want to bankrupt the companies. Gunmakers only have limited immunity and are held responsible if appropriate.

Without limited immunity, anyone could sue them for any crime in which their gun was used. The goal is to bankrupt all gunmakers.

How about the person who pulls the trigger is guilty and not the weapon s/he chooses to use?

Biden pulls this with every mass shooting.

This weird, brain-damaged figurehead sometimes calls every rifle and even a handgun an “assault weapon.” We must never let the Left win on this one.

Is there anything Biden does that makes life better? Anything?

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