Maxim Lott’s election betting odds for VP


Maxim Lott published his election betting odds for Biden’s vice president. So far Kamala Harris is in the lead with Susan Rice as a second choice. It doesn’t matter much. Whoever is picked might become president since Joe Biden will soon by 78 and has obvious cognitive issues. We say it doesn’t matter because the same puppeteers who manage Biden will manage the VP.

Lott does this with John Stoessel and they say it is more accurate than polls, which it has proven to be.

Politico published an interesting article about the candidates. None of the choices are perfect according to the article because Biden needs someone just like himself and Barack. [With dementia?] That’s a scary thought. Marxist trained Obama will be the president, not Joe, and not any of the VPs he might choose.

She will be tough, but it won’t matter. Kamal, who slept her way to the top, will do what she is told.

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3 years ago

None of the above is actually in the running. Nancy Pelosi will be the V.P. choice. She is white but she is a woman of power and cunning, and most important, she is currently the automatic replacement for V.P if either Trump or Pence is impeached or murdered. Did you forget this little fact?
Her replacement as Speaker of the Democrat controlled House will be the colored woman promised. I hope it is not Maxine Waters. The new speaker of the House will then be in line for the V.P spot if Nancy moves up to replace Biden. That would put two women in the White House at the same time.
Simple plan, but also scary.