Maxine calls for violence, Kim Brown wants looting all the time, Dems OK with it


Kim Brown hosts a YouTube (and iTunes, etc.) show called ‘Burn it Down,’ and she’s serious about it. She’s a violence-monger. Brown also supports looting all the time because whites owe it to black people or something. Why does YouTube allow her on the platform? Doesn’t it violate their rules? Tucker brought her up today as he was reviewing the state of current affairs.

He began by reviewing the silence from the Democrat Party, The Lincoln Project, and the MSM who are all saying nothing about Maxine Waters’ calls for violence if Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted of murder.

Then he played a clip from Kim Brown. He said a lot more. Tucker would like to know where the DoJ is on this. He suggested they are too busy tracking down elderly people who attended the Trump rally on January 6th.




  1. How long will the useful idiots have political usefulness?
    There will be a normalization period after the great reset as stated by the great Yuri Bezmenov.
    Dreams of apparatchik status in the luxury dacha looking down on the untermenschen in the favela comrade’s hovel won’t be happening but let them find out the hard way.

    Demoralization-educate an entire generation in Marxist ideology.

    Destabilization-economy, foreign relations, defense systems.

    Crisis-violent change of power, structure, economy.

    Normalization-period of stability until the next crisis point.

    (Yuri Bezmenov-KGB defector, 1984)

  2. Here’s the problem for Blacks in America. When the Black Community doesn’t call these people out, the Black Community just reinforces the stereotype that ALL BLACKS are violent people. The fact that Blacks commit substantially more crime per capita doesn’t help hard working Black People either. The majority of White People have spent the last 60 years moving mountains to help Blacks in America and Democrats turned that help against the Black Community with the racism of low expectation. Democrats are elitist who look down on Black People. Republics don’t want to keep Blacks on the Welfare Plantation, President Trump proved that REAL Republicans want Black People to have Jobs and are allowed to worker their way up the ladder of success to have a good job or even their own business.

    The crazy secret is that Blacks in America do as well as Whites with the same education level. I worked most of my life with Black Engineers and they worked just as hard and were paid just well as the White, Hispanic, and Asian Engineers. Blacks who embrace education do just as well as Whites and other minorities. Education does not take a lot of money, but it does take commitment and hard work. You don’t always need a 4 year degree to become an Engineer. There is a lot of other training available. My daughter was recently given a seat in a nontraditional Engineering Program by her employer because she scored exceptionally well on an aptitude test. This is what happens when you make basic engineering a part of a child’s life growing up. And I wasted all that money on her College Degree in Business. Oh Well!

    Just a thought! If Black Communities focused on building things instead of “Burning it Down”, as a group they would be much better off. European Government s did nasty things to both sides of my family 400 years ago, but I’m not advocating burning Europe to the Ground. And I don’t even live there! Why do Black Leaders advocate Blacks burning their homes and neighborhoods down? Maxine Waters and Kim Brown are just race baiting lunatics who need to be locked up in rooms with padded walls!

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