Maxine Waters Says Impeachment Is a Coup


The reasons the Democrats are impeaching the President are they don’t like him and they want revenge. They want impeachment so it will cast a cloud over him for history’s sake and they hope it will damage his chances of winning in 2020.

The prevailing opinion is that Speaker Pelosi is forced to move forward with impeachment by her radical members, but they are ignoring the fact that she is radical. She is a Marxist and has pushed her district further and further left for decades. Also, her hate for Trump is visceral. She may be enjoying this. Pelosi knows that he will now be one of only three Presidents to be impeached. This is what she wants in my humble opinion. Every conversation of the President, every ad, will mention impeachment.

This is an impeachment over something that did not happen and it leaves every President open to impeachment.

The left once hated impeachment.


The very same people calling for impeachment without a crime are the people who rebelled against it during the Clinton era.

In this next clip, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Jerrold Nadler rage against the impeachment of Bill Clinton. It should not be about politics, Biden says in the clip; Waters says it’s a coup; and Nadler says it’s overturning an election.

At least Bill Clinton committed a crime. He perjured himself.

Democrats wanted to impeach every Republican president before and after Clinton.


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