Tim Kaine, Loretta Lynch Must Take Back Their Calls for Blood in the Streets


Senator Kaine and former AG Loretta Lynch must take back their calls for Democrats to fight in the streets, and in Lynch’s case, calling for “blood’ in the streets. A case can be made for it not being a literal suggestion but given the violence in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York that they condoned, given the Antifa son of Tim Kaine, the literal interpretation is not a stretch.

Bernie protester Hodgkinson

The shooter James T. Hodgkinson, 66, now deceased, was a unionist and a Bernie Sanders’s supporter who said it was time to kill Trump who was trying to “destroy democracy”. He wrote his views on Facebook and his page is still up.

He suggested he was a member of the Resistance, a communist movement.

He has two Facebook pages and he is a Trump hater. He was not fond of Hillary either.

In January,  Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” against the administration of President Donald Trump.

What did he mean by “fight in the streets”? His son interpreted it as Antifa.

Loretta Lynch called for “blood” and “death” in the streets?

Let’s not forget the NYC Central Park play, ‘Julius Caesar’ which portrays the brutal stabbing of Donald Trump. It was praised by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and promoted by the NY Times.

The day before Barack Obama’s inauguration as president, “Purple Nation” columnist Lanny Davis pleaded for a return to civility in our nation’s politics.

Mr. Davis, a Progressive Democrat, announced his co-founding of what he is calling the Civility Project in a bid “to change the polarizing, attack-oriented political culture that has become all too common in recent years and, instead, to bring civility back as the staple of American politics and life.”

Nancy Pelosi did the same with many other Democrats but they’ve been anything but towards Republicans.

When will Democrats disown Antifa for example? The left are often apologists for them. Tim Kaine’s son is Antifa and has been arrested.

College kids, people wearing Trump hats are threatened with violence on a regular basis. Leading Democrat politicians only talk about Trump with vulgarity as does the media.

The left only gives mild lip service to rejecting violence.

The left conveniently wants us to rise above this and not mention it in the political sense, at least until the next time. Democrats have done nothing, nor has the media, to earn our respect. As soon as they become civil, let’s all unite.



  1. What do you expect when the Dems endorse such violence like the Antifa organization?
    It is interesting to note that the Senator from Louisiana stated that when he was back home he carried a concealed weapon, but here in the nation’s capitol, one of the murder capitols of the country, it is illegal to carry for your personal protection, but all of the thugs and criminals somehow fail to observe the law??!!

  2. Since they called for “blood in the streets” let it be their blood which is spilled first.
    People are so naïve, that they just can’t admit that these people are as evil as they really are;
    They are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
    Wake up Americans before you are in the jail looking out at these thugs who put you there

    • What they said was very suggestive. Kaine’s son has indeed taken him up on it. He’s an Antifa. I never read Infowars though I have checked Watson’s tweets. They might not have meant it literally, then they should say that. What does fight in the streets mean? Or some bled and some died?

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