Unaccountable Joe disdainfully turns his back on America


At the end of the press conference/PR speech yesterday, Biden once again showed that he does not feel accountable at all to the American people. He arrogantly and with complete contempt turned his back at the press conference without answering questions.

Biden turned around at one point and came back for a most frivolous reason, frowning as he did. He returned only to get his mask as reporters shouted questions and tried to get some answers.

These speeches with no Q&A can’t be called press conferences. They are simply campaign speeches he reads from teleprompters. He should just turn the teleprompter around and let us read it ourselves since he won’t answer questions.

This is how little he thinks of you America. Biden acts like a dictator.

At another point in his speech, he made it clear that he wants us to forget the 13 American service members and 169 Afghans and “look to the future.”

Unfortunately, there is no future with him in it.

Watch the short clip:

The entire speech:

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