Maybelline Thinks Bearded Men Sell Makeup Better Than Women


Maybelline loves the way Bud Light does business. They are following their lead with dumb and offensive ads.

Maybelline thinks this new ad will encourage women to buy their lipstick. Another ESG company thinks it makes sense to have disturbing ads with a strange men selling lipstick to women.

They’re Erasing Women

The company is using influencer Ryan Vita, who prefers the pronouns she/he/they according to Instagram — to model lipstick in the Amazon promotion.

Maybelline must think men can sell women’s lipstick better than women because they use two men to advertise women’s lipstick and applicator.

In another post last week, makeup artist Zak Taylor was also used to promote the brand’s new summer product.

The company captioned its post by tagging Vita, who has 49,000 followers on his Instagram page and used the hashtag #maybellinepartner.

In a similar post, Taylor is seen applying makeup to his face, neck, and ears using a 4-in-1 makeup applier.

The makeup brand also tagged him in the post and used the hashtag #maybellinepartner.

Maybelline is easy to boycott. There are many other brands. I use the products, but no longer.

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