Red Pope calls for communism — Universal Basic Income


Pope Francis, who says he’s not a communist, has aligned with communists and is calling for Universal Basic Income. UBI is communism, period.

In a letter dated Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Pope Francis has called for the consideration of a Universal Basic Wage “that would ensure and concretely achieve the ideal, at once so human and so Christian, of no worker without rights.”

He is worried about the poor and elderly during the pandemic, a noble concern. However, he wants to demand people redistribute their money with big government doling it out. He’s naive.

“My hope is that governments understand that technocratic paradigms (whether state-centred or market-driven) are not enough to address this crisis or the other great problems affecting humankind. Now more than ever, persons, communities, and peoples must be put at the centre, united to heal, to care, and to share,” the Pope writes.

He underscores how such a multitude of persons have been excluded from the benefits of globalization.

“Street vendors, recyclers, carnival workers, small farmers, construction workers, seamstresses, the different kinds of caregivers: you who are informal, working on your own or in the grassroots economy, you have no steady income to get you through this hard time … and the lockdowns are becoming unbearable. This may be the time to consider a universal basic wage which would acknowledge and dignify the noble, essential tasks you carry out. It would ensure and concretely achieve the ideal, at once so human and so Christian, of no worker without rights,” says Pope Francis.

“Our civilization — so competitive, so individualistic, with its frenetic rhythms of production and consumption, its extravagant luxuries, its disproportionate profits for just a few — needs to downshift, take stock, and renew itself”, he says.

He may not realize it but he’s calling for one world government and Marxism.

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