Mayo Clinic Is Not Hiring for an Inclusive and Just Ecosystem – Update


Update: The Mayo Clinic denies the comments in the post and it was not approved by them.

Mayo Clinic@MayoClinic stated:
This is false. Mayo Clinic does not have a partnership w/Jobs for Humanity. The post was created without our approval, using language not written by us and completely mischaracterizes our recruitment practices. All qualified candidates receive equal consideration for employment.
Original StoryThe once-revered Mayo Clinic is going down the DEI rabbit hole with DEI hiring. They are calling for an “inclusive and just employment ecosystem.”

As a result, they will have refugees, which is what the Democrat administration calls all illegal aliens when they’re not calling them asylum seekers or New Americans. That would include the paroled gang member who beat Laken Riley to death. She was a Dean’s List nursing student.

Mayo is hiring blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, but whites are nowhere to be found on the list. They want LGBTQ. I’m guessing they don’t want straight – didn’t see it on the list.

What are the parameters for Neurodivergent? Joe Biden?

Best of all, “justice impacted individuals,” whom many of us might call felons or criminals, are getting priority status. Are they hiring criminals over white citizens? It would seem so.

This Justice Impacted Individual needs a job

They do require an LPN degree, which you can get online. The quickest path to one is nine months at Portage Lakes Career Center. The prisons probably have a program.

Hiring the best comes last.


Jobs for Humanity dot com is a self-described global movement of job creation.

In case you’re wondering, Jobs for Humanity has another name for the “justice impacted individuals.” They call them “returning citizens.”

Jobs for Humanity also has a plugin called Blink that companies can use to grab the desirable diverse candidates quickly.

They have free and paid-for Blink plugins.

Free forever. Reduce unconscious bias with unlimited access to our anonymization plugin


Get Started
  •  30 minutes free daily
  •  Remove personal data from resumes
  •  Reduce bias in job descriptions
  •  Reduce bias in messages
  •  Mask reviews until you submit yours

It’s all so PC.

For $90 annually, you get unlimited use of the plugin. There is one with no price listed that can be tailored to your needs with unlimited use. It allows admins to toggle on and off.


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