Mayor Eric Adams Forced All City Employees Into Hate America CRT Training


New York City Mayor Eric Adams forced all city employees to undergo radical CRT training. He’s selling the employees racialized, anti-American propaganda. Some of it is also anti-Semitic.

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City

Anything that seems to impact “communities of color” more than white communities is deemed racist and systemically racist.

The ideologues forcing CRT on the nation like to replace “black” with “communities of color,” so they can include everyone who is not white in the black experience.

One of its main tenets is that “America is and was always structurally racist.”

Fox News Digital reports that Mayor Eric Adams’ New York City forced all of its employees into a radical critical race theory-inspired training.

The “mandatory” training was sent to all New York City employees with a March 6 deadline. “The training provides all NYC employees with a framework to understand… the importance of racial equity… in the workplace,” the email said.

It taught the employees that people of color are all oppressed and all whites are oppressors. America was never good.

A source familiar with the “racial equity” training told Fox News Digital, “Where they were discussing equity, how we have to look at people through a particular lens, that contradicted… [the idea that] we should treat everybody equally.”

“I do not agree with what they want us to do as city employees. The [racial equity training] leads me to believe that they want the contracts with the city and the hiring from the city being looked at through this lens. And that’s what I think is really unfair. It goes against their [stated claims]… that everybody should be treated equally.”

The training said that there was no scientific basis to race and that it was invented to create a system of “exclusion and oppression.”

“Race has no genetic or scientific basis. It is a social construct created to classify people on the arbitrary basis of skin color and other physical features,” it said. “Despite this, race has a very real impact on people’s lives. This is because our society has used race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, exclusion, and oppression.”

The training said there were two other types of racism besides for “individual racism.”

“Institutional racism: policies, practices, patterns, and structures within public and private institutions that impose oppressive or otherwise negative conditions on identifiable groups on the basis of race or ethnicity,” it stated. “Structural racism/Systematic racism: Racism that occurs across multiple institutions and is integrated into politics, culture, and other aspects of life. Creating a system that negatively impacts communities of color compared to White communities.”

CRT is hateful anti-America garbage meant to divide and conquer. When we’re conquered, we will all be enslaved to a big tyrannical government. In addition to destroying statues, our schools, the justice system, and the rights of white people, CRT is aimed at allowing a new, more centralized, authoritarian system to be established.

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