Mayor Eric Adams Tells a Ridiculous Lie About a Photo


When Adams, a former transit police captain, entered office as an alleged crime fighter, two police officers were assassinated. He made it personal and said it reminded him of the 1987 line-of-duty death of a friend, Officer Robert Venable.

“I still think about Robert,” Mr. Adams said at a news conference at City Hall. “I keep a picture of Robert in my wallet.”

A week later, he posed for a picture holding it.


Adams lied about carrying the photo of a fallen colleague in his wallet for years. It turns out it was a Google photo that his aides poured coffee on to make it look aged. At least, that is what the New York Times reported.

The New York Times it was recently revealed that the picture is fake. Not only had it not spent years in the Mayor’s wallet, but it was created by City Hall aides in the days after Adams made the original claim.

A picture of Venable was found on Google, printed in black-and-white, and made to look worn using the old high-school history project trick of pouring a few drops of coffee on it.

Two former City Hall employees who spoke to the Times said they were informed of the picture and its origins last year, almost immediately after its creation.

The person who altered the photo had no comment, and referred them to Adams’ spokesperson.

Adams is a congenital liar. The Times referenced a few of his lies that they call “stretching the truth.” One was his lie that he sold his one-bedroom apartment that he still owns.

He lied about a dead friend’s photo to make himself look good, then he had aides fake the evidence. Finally, he bashed the media outlet for reporting on his lie.

Democrats think all the world’s a stage. They can’t get people to buy what they’re selling otherwise.

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