Possible Biden running mate says Trump supporters belong on “trash heap of history”


According to numerous reports, Kamala Harris and Susan Rice are the two top candidates to become Joe Biden’s running mate. Susan Rice, the former National Security Adviser to Barack Obama, apparently thinks President Trump and his followers belong in the “trash heap of history.”

And, she says they are the people who are going to “unite” us.

Obviously, they’re going to silence the right and unite the left.

Rice is the woman who went on five Sunday news shows and lied about the Benghazi attack originating with an obscure video. She knew it was an al-Qaida attack at the time.


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Robert Walker
Robert Walker
2 years ago

Ms. Rice apparently has never read the history of the Democrat party and its evolution. It reads more like the history of the sewer dump for human waste. Lies, hate and deceit has been their story line since their inception in the 1820’s. Sorry Ms. Rice, but the party you associate with is much worse than any trash heap you can conceive. Your party has the stench that cockroach reject.

The Spokesman
2 years ago

I forgot to assume the possibility that on their way to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, they might stop at Gates’s Planned Parenthood to buy some baby parts if there’s any left.
That’s the world we live in and these are the elites.
Anybody has updates on the FBI’s investigation on Planned Parenhood, now that there’s testimonials available from within the above mentioned PP?

The Spokesman
2 years ago

Totally agree the Obamas might be so happy they m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e each other in close proximity perhaps with Hillbilly Clinton at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.
Oh, I assume the UK’s jewel Andrew the rapist prince is there as well.

Dee Dee
2 years ago

Biden has been backed into a corner. The corner of his basement, that is. He promised to pick a black woman as his VP running mate, whether she’s qualified or not. Whoever she will is, she’ll be of no consequence. Democrats and left-wing loony-tune liberals would vote for Biden if he resurrected a woman’s corpse, just as long as she’s black.

2 years ago

As their ‘soldiers’ are consigning statues, our history, to the trash heap around the country.

I bet Obama, both of them, are just happy as can be watching all this.