Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Town Hall Was a Blazing Mess


Black Lives Matter recently verbally assaulted Mayor Pete Buttigieg after a police shooting of an unarmed black man this week. They showed up at his town hall with a slew of angry people of different races.

It’s a mess.

Buttigieg asked the Justice Department to look into the shooting which is already being investigated by the department. The officer involved, Officer O’Neill has been placed on administrative leave following the shooting of 54-year-old Eric Logan. The officer was responding to a report of a suspicious person breaking into cars when he ran into Logan. Investigators say the officer fired two shots, one that hit Logan and one that did not after the suspect threatened him with a knife.

People at the town hall appeared angry with the mayor’s absence since he’s constantly campaigning/auditioning for the Democrat primary for 2020. There was a lot of heckling aimed directly at Mayor Pete. He’s like DeBlasio — Pete’s no longer mayor and has his sights set on a bigger job.

“You gotta get back to South Carolina like you was yesterday? Talk about ‘all lives matter’ in South Carolina?” a man yelled at the mayor at one point.

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