Mayor Wheeler blames Trump for violence by leftist, Marxist haters


Mayor Ted Wheeler is actually trying to claim the violence by leftist, Marxist Trump haters is Trump’s fault. This is wildly, insanely, absurdly ridiculous straining credulity beyond measure. As Chico would say, ‘who ya gonna believe, me (Wheeler) or your lying eyes?”

After bringing up unrelated tales, mostly lies, claiming President Trump is racist and sexist, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, he repeated the Charlottesville lie that Trump said lunatic white supremacists are good people. Even CNN admitted that’s a lie.

Wheeler actually said the President is waging a “campaign of fear” and he’s “anti-Democratic,” creating “hate and vitriol in our beautiful country.” According to Ted, Trump helped create the violence and he needs to be stopped. His final assertion is all people must pull together to stop Trump and there will be peace with a new administration.

My readers don’t need me to state the obvious, but this is an audacious argument coming from Wheeler. Portland is run by far-left kooks just like himself and the governor is a far-left kook.  Trump has nothing to do with it.

Wheeler also blamed federal officers for the violence. He never blames the rioters, his peeps, his voting bloc. And, by the way, they’re almost all WHITE lunatics.


This is your brain on drugs (Go to 16:17 and how he’s going after police and making commitments — to thugs — to fix the problems) :

What Dan said:


This is the man a lunatic murdered in downtown Portland last night. His name is Aaron Danielson. He was a supporter of the Patriot Prayer, President Trump, and blue lives matter.

Correction: The murdered man is Aaron Danielson. We had the wrong name early in the reporting.

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