Indictment Reveals Russians Are Funding American Extremists


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The following is a national news story that the national media will not cover.

The media and Democrats have vociferously accused Russia of involvement in our affairs to benefit Donald Trump. They’ve investigated Russian trolls, lied by claiming Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, and accused Russians of trying to influence our elections. Well, now we have evidence of real Russian influence in America, but it is not a national story.

Russians appear to be funding radical groups – radical Marxist-Leninist groups such as the Black Hammer Party, a Black Supremacist organization, and the Uhuru Movement, also communist Black Supremacists.


The information came from an unsealed indictment in Tampa that indicated Russians are funding radical groups.

The unsealed federal indictment in Florida alleges a Russian named Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov has been funding political groups in the United States on behalf of the Russians.

According to the indictment, Ionov got the groups to “publish pro-Russian propaganda, as well as other information designed to cause dissension in the United States and to promote secessionist ideologies.”

If you go to the radical hate groups‘ websites, you will find that they don’t hide what they’re up to.

The Black Communists

One of the groups is called the Black Hammer Party.  Described by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a radical group, the Black Hammer Party advocates murdering police officers and believes a violent overthrow of the United States is necessary.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, “According to the indictment, Ionov, who lives in Moscow, paid for members of the Black Hammer Party to travel to San Francisco in March to protest Facebook’s censorship of posts supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The influence went so far as to direct Black Hammer members on the designs of signs for the protest.”

The federal indictment that was unsealed in Tampa last month alleges the group is involved in an effort by a Russian citizen with Kremlin connections to sow discord in the United States by paying fringe groups to make political protests. The indictment includes groups in Florida and California, as well as the Black Hammer Party, as unindicted co-conspirators in the plot.

Another group involved is the Uhuru Movement, a socialist group in Tampa, FL.  That group has agitated against capitalism, claiming capitalism has been parasitic to Africa.  It is an offshoot of the African People’s Socialist Party.

The Uhuru Movement is accused of colluding with Russians to influence the 2016 election.


It turns out, if the indictment is to be believed, that the Russians really have been funding American political protestors just like the media said.  The only problem is that they got the groups wrong. They aren’t right-wing; they are black nationalist, socialist movements, not exactly Trump supporters.

This is what Russians have done for decades. It’s not unusual. What is odd is that national news will not cover it.

It’s About the Narrative

The cases don’t fit the narrative. The people are black, and they’re communists. The media won’t pick up stories like that, and just like the DHS and FBI, they ignore violent communists.

Another question is, who funds Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots? We certainly know a lot of the players, especially George Soros, but there were secret donors and the funding was organized. In light of this information, we wonder if Russia or even China is also involved. Shouldn’t someone be looking into this? It’s unlikely the FBI is – they’re corrupt.

Russians are funding radical anti-American agitators in this country and the media won’t cover anything involving the radical Left, especially if they are black.

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1 year ago

The Mainstream Media won’t talk about the Russians financing Black Democrat Terrorist because the Narrative is that only White Supremacist are the only Home Grown Terrorist in America. The Media also refuses to talk about the Middle East and the Mexican Cartel Terrorist the Democrats have been importing.

Take a Close look at the World Economic Forum Cult and will find a lot of very rich Russian Oligarchs who made their Millions selling off USSR assets back in the 1990s. These people lived in places like Ukraine. Once rich, they also built luxury homes throughout Asia where Governments could be easily brought off to look the other way at their business deals, Gun Running, Drugs, and Human Trafficking. To some extent they went to Mexico, Cuba, and South America.

Enter Democrats and RINOs. They will do anything for Money and Power. During the 1990s they got in bed with the Russians. Now, remember Rules for Radicals, blame your opponents for doing what you are doing. That way when you are caught, you can make your behavior look common place. The Chinese watched this and began buying off US Politicians too. Remember the Chinese fund raisers for Bill Clinton?

Fast forward to 2016, in June 2016 the British voted for BREXIT. This was a shot across the bow of the World Economic Forum Cult’s New World Order Plans. Then the Election of President Trump was a direct hit on the WEF and a Shot across the bow of the Chinese Communist Party. They spend Billions on Hillary. Democrats had to do something, they owed the Chinese Party too much.

When President Trump went after corruption in Ukraine that was a direct hit on the WEF financing and the Russian Oligarchs. Slapping import taxes on the Chinese was a direct financial hit on the Chinese. A threat to close the Mexican Border was more than enough to get the Mexican Government in line because even the Cartels were scared President Trump would follow through on that.

On the side, President Trump getting the Middle East back in line and expanding the America Economy. People were getting jobs and leaving the Welfare Plantation. He was cutting regulations left and right and asking why the Bureaucracies screwed with the Free market and were so big and inefficient. He did all this with the Democrat Fake Russia, Russia, Russia attacks.

Trump had to go, he was kicking over Rice Bowls in the Beltway and to South, the East, and the West. Canada was smart enough not to cross President Trump, though Ottawa hates his guts!

Why the Raid on Mar-a-Lago? President Trump declassified Russia, Russia, Russia. Democrats now know there will be a Red Tsunami in November. The 2023 Congress will go after the Deep State Bureacracy starting with the FBI and DoJ. The FBI and DoJ needed to get everything President Trump has on them and quietly “loose” it.

1 year ago

Giving money to incompetent and stupid black radicals is like throwing money down a rat hole.