NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Ordered to Sensitivity Re-Education Camp


Please don’t take this Kyle Busch story too lightly. Democrat Communists are controlling our free speech rights by controlling our language.

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch must undergo sensitivity training before the start of 2022. It’s an order from the suits, who are also intent on ruining NASCAR. Bush’s ‘unacceptable offense’ was to use the “R” word. Democrats have deemed it unacceptable, even though Busch only used it as a general pejorative about an action his rival took. It was not aimed at people with disabilities

During an interview after Sunday’s race at Martinsville, Mr. Busch said:

“I mean, where was he going? What was he going to do? Spin me out? He was trying to do a Harvick is what he was trying to do. For what? For second place? For what? He wasn’t going to transfer through with that. Freaking retarded, man,” Busch said.

Neither playoff driver was in a position to advance to the Championship 4 at Sunday’s final in Phoenix, but a second-place finish would’ve put Busch through if race winner Alex Bowman had been penalized for any infractions during the post-race inspection, according to reports.

Remember when the fools fell for the noose in driver Bubba Wilson’s garage? It was actually a garage pull and the FBI was sent in? All the drivers had to march behind Bubba’s car to show support. He was actually a hoaxer, making fools of everyone. The suits and the media made that happen. Everyone was terrified of being called a racist since it’s NASCAR and the South. Democrats like to generalize about anyone in NASCAR and in the South. Meanwhile, only Democrats could join the KKK and they authored the Jim Crow laws.

As a matter of fact, they are the ones who enslaved Black people. Now they are trying to enslave us all.


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