McCabe says he’s ‘not political’ and is headlining a DNC fundraiser


Former Acting Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, a blank-faced wimp, said during his new gig on CNN that he’s “not political.” But oddly, next week, he will headline a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Seats are cheap, even to meet this infamous man, who is currently under investigation by the FBI an who was fired for lying.

Along with another “tone-deaf” narcissist Jim Comey, McCabe destroyed the FBI’s reputation for years to come.

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Fox News contributor, seemed astounded.

“He’s on the receiving end of one of the most scathing IG reports there’s ever been,” Chaffetz said. There’s at least two more IG reports coming out.”

“We know that Mr. Durham, a U.S. attorney, is looking into these details,” he continued, referencing a Justice Department-sanctioned probe into the origins of the Russia investigation — which is being headlined by Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham.

Of McCabe, Chaffetz said his credibility has taken a hit over the past several months.

“He accomplished something that almost no other federal employee did — and that is, he got fired. … A career professional recommended his firing because he was lying, he was less than candid when being interviewed by federal investigators,” he said.

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