McCains Are Out to Destroy Kari Lake, an America First Candidate


Meghan McCain, who claims to be a Republican, voted for Joe Biden in the last election. Meghan and her powerful mother consistently waged political war against Kari Lake in Arizona. They used whatever influence they could to paint Kari, who was running for governor, as a dangerous extremist.

Lake – now running for the Senate – is anything but extreme. She’s a common-sense candidate. In February, she held out an Olive Branch to Meghan, and this is how she responded:

If you read the full comment by Kari Lake, she said her father died from cancer also, and she wants to unite Arizonans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. After praising Meghan’s father, saying she wanted to make him proud and valued her family, Lake offered to buy her lunch. After that, Meghan, a self-important podcaster, wrote, “No peace, bitch!”

McCain would prefer the very far-left Ruben Gallego win the race for personal reasons.

Sadly, the McCain family is rich and powerful in the state. Meghan’s husband, Ben Domenech, is the Editor of The Spectator World and a TV commentator and host. He has a megaphone. He recently wrote on X: The thing you have to love about Kari Lake is that she combines the dislikable veneer of crazy-eyed extremism with being a total squish on every meaningful policy issue.

Ben and his wife Meghan do not live in Arizona. They live in LA, DC, and NY. Her father had to talk her into becoming a Republican. It’s safe to say she isn’t one.

There is nothing crazy or b*tchy about Kari Lake.

Lake’s Agenda

I don’t care much about a candidate’s personality, but she’s fine. Her agenda is what matters to me. She wants to close the Arizona border, keep taxes reasonable, and support limited government and the Constitution. Lake supports US fossil fuel energy. Ruben Gallego is far left on every issue.

Lake has talked about the increasing illegal alien crimes. Arizona has a gang of Chilean burglars, she said, called the Dinner Time Bandits. They are robbing homes in the suburbs. First, they break into our country, and then they break into our homes. All because JoeBiden and Ruben Gallego, her opponent, refuse to enforce our laws.

The homelessness problem is catastrophic in Arizona. And Ruben Gallego is a congressman in the district with the fastest-growing homeless population in the country. Ruben has left American citizens to rot while he and Joe Biden import millions of illegal immigrants into our country.

I do remember John McCain trashing Donald Trump because he had an America First agenda. He told a graduating class at the Naval Academy graduation at Annapolis it was a despicable agenda – never America First. He was a globalist and called it isolationism, deliberately misinforming the cadets, suggesting America First meant to ignore the rest of the world.

Election Integrity

Kari Lake was brutally demonized for questioning the integrity of the elections. She has focused on the machines which, as we now know, are hackable.

Lake and former Secretary of State Mark Finchem are petitioning the Supreme Court with newly uncovered evidence. According to the attorney, Kurt Olsen, the machines allegedly use altered “software not certified for use in Arizona—and actively misrepresented and concealed those violations.”

Olsen said that in 2020 and 2022, they used altered software, and any statement that that software was certified by the EAC is false.  Logic and accuracy tests were not performed on any of the machines. They are also vulnerable to tampering. They want the machines banned for the November election.

That doesn’t sound extreme to me. It sounds like election integrity. Unfortunately, SCOTUS just extended the block on the Texas law to arrest illegal aliens. They seem to support the border invasion.

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