Democrat/MSM Word of the Week: BLOODBATH


Does anyone besides me think Joe Scarborough is mentally ill? The clip below shows him at his craziest and most dishonest.

Several years ago, an exposé proved that all legacy media gets calls in the AM with the buzzword of the day or week, and they do all repeat it (watch the last clip). Apparently, “bloodbath” was supposed to be the word of the week, but the truth came out despite all the shadow banning of opponents’ messaging.

Trump was referring to an economic bloodbath.

Honestly, we face worse than an economic bloodbath with terrorists and criminals pouring across our borders. We don’t even have borders. As Elon Musk has said, we are facing something worse than 9/11.

Here is the definition of “bloodbath” (Meanwhile, Democrats support Antifa and BLM):

They love the word “bloodbath” when they use it. That’s because there is nothing wrong with the word. They just don’t want Republicans using effective, descriptive words.

Watch this unbelievable compilation of everyone saying the same thing:


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