McCarthy denied conversation read into the record at impeachment trial


About that conversation that was read into the record in the Senate today, Trump defense attorney Van Der Veen said it was gossip denied by Rep. McCarthy.

The conversation in question was allegedly reported to Washington State Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Allegedly, Rep. McCarthy told her he pleaded with Donald Trump to call an end to the riot and Trump said the rioters were Antifa. McCarthy then reportedly said, they’re not Antifa, they’re Trump supporters. With that, Trump allegedly told McCarthy that they cared more about the election than he did.

Attorney Van Der Veen said it wasn’t true.

“First of all, it is my understanding, it has been ‘reported,’ that Mr. McCarthy disclaims the rumors,” Van Der Deen opened. “That have been the basis of this morning’s antics, but really the rumors that have been the basis of this entire proceeding.”

“This entire proceeding is based on rumor,” he continued. “Report. Innuendo. There’s nothing to it and they didn’t do their work.”

“Just like Mr. Lee, two or three nights ago,” the attorney went on, “Some supposed conversation that happened and they had to withdraw that, they had to back off of that, because it was false. It was a false narrative.”

The reference to Senator Lee concerned another fake conversation reported in the media that allegedly took place between Senators Lee and Tuberville. Lee was quoted but he never had any such conversation. Senator Lee forced the impeachment managers to withdraw the remarks.



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Let’s assume that the discussion were true:

Any rioting was initiated and dominated by leftists. There were seen in the crowd, in the charge. Wintesses report trying to stop them. That makes Trump correct.

The corrupt coward McCarthy showed no concern about the election coup. He sold out his party and voters in an instant. That makes Trump correct.

McCarthy was already blaming Trump for a “riot” which began during the speech and was planned well in advance. The timeline shows that, official reports show the event was planned and that Trump suggested additional support. That makes McCarthy the incredible liar which we already knew he was, and another element of the blame Trump crowd.

The republican party is dead. McCarthy and Mitch know they are in deep trouble, but underestimate the damage. These people are hated, and that hate does not disappear unless/until they do.