WTH! Psaki says admin can’t say if Israel is an ally yet


WOW, Biden doesn’t know if Israel is an ally since they’ve only been in office three and a half weeks.

A reporter asked press secretary Jen Psaki if Joe Biden had any plans to call Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Psaki responded that she doesn’t have an update, but claimed Biden is “looking forward to speaking” with the Prime Minister.

The reporter said, “As I’m sure you know, there’s a narrative in Israel that this is an intentional diss. Is it?”

With that, Psaki said it wasn’t, and the Prime Minister is someone Biden has known for some time. They have “a long and important relation with Israel,” she said. “It is just a reflection of the fact that we have been here for three and a half weeks, he’s not called every single global leader yet, and he is eager to do that in the weeks ahead.”

The persistent reporter pressed her, “But he has called every other major ally in Europe and in Asia.”

She agreed “he’s called many of them,” and “some would argue they haven’t received calls yet, and they are still eager to receive them.” She added that Biden will be calling the Prime Minister and is looking forward to it.

Following up, another reporter asked for a timeframe. Psaki said she didn’t “have an exact timeline” to give her.

The reporter asked if Psaki could give details on the conversation NSA Jake Sullivan had with his Israeli counterpart to discuss Iran.

She’ll circle back to that after she speaks to Jake.

“Yeah, that would be really great,” the reporter said. “And still on the issue of the Middle East, I mean, I know that you’re saying that, you know, things are still under review, including policies like the Abraham Accords, but can you please just give us a broad sense of what the administration is trying to achieve in the Middle East? For example, does the administration still consider the Saudis and the Israelis important allies?”

Psaki said, “Well, you know, again, I think we…there are ongoing processes and internal interagency processes…one that we, I think, confirmed an interagency meeting just last week…to discuss a range of issues in the Middle East. We’re…we’ve only been here three and a half weeks, and I think I’m going to let those policy processes see themselves through before we give, kind of, a complete laydown of what our national security approaches will be to a range of issues.”

That’s outrageous, infuriating, and unnecessary.

This four-year arrangement with Joe isn’t working out. Can we return him and get Trump back?


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