McCarthy Will Hold Hearings at the Border to Force Democrats to See the Crisis


GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called on DHS Secretary Mayorkas to resign. He said that if he doesn’t, House Republicans will investigate every action DHS has taken and consider beginning an impeachment inquiry against him.

Leader McCarthy plans to hold congressional border hearings physically at the border to force Democrats to see the crisis firsthand. He was “shocked and outraged” when he heard DHS’ Mayorkas testify under oath last week that the border is “secure.”

During his presser at the border today, he said that without Title 42, we could expect 18,000 illegal crossings in a day, which means 13 million more illegal crossings by the time Joe Biden leaves office.

The is not secure, he said. He asked every border agent if the border is secure, and they “laughed.” It is “one of the worst points in the history of this nation.”

McCarthy visited a bridge “where 70,000 people have come across in the last seven weeks. And the Secretary of Homeland Security thinks this border is secure. For the last two years, President Joe Biden and the Democrats running Congress pushed open border policies and waged baseless attacks on our border agents.”

“The actions of this administration have empowered cartels, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorist organizations all around the world. Just last week, Customs and Border Agents off the coast of Puerto Rico came under fire in the line of duty. One agent was fatally shot, while two other agents were wounded. ”

“In March 2021, we came down after the new administration had lifted those policies. We visited the border. I warned, having learned from the border patrol agents of the suspects on the terrorist list that were coming across…the amount of fentanyl they hadn’t seen in the past now coming across.”

Democrats said McCarthy and other Republican congressmen were “lying.”

The Democrat congressmen said there weren’t terrorists on the list. More than 107 suspects on the terrorist watch list were arrested. [It took only 19 terrorists on 9/11].

“Crossing this border, fentanyl is poisoning and killing Americans in every single community. Americans have died from overdoses. Secretary Mayorkas would like you to believe the people committing these crimes are just in search of a better life. How many people have not been caught in 42 days?”

When they take control in 42 days, the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee has McCarthy’s complete support to investigate the collapse of our border and the shutdown of ICE enforcement nationwide.

We don’t know who these people are. In addition to the people who turn themselves in, there are a million gotaways under Joe Biden.


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Frank S.
Frank S.
3 months ago

Would LOVE to see the GOP hold hearings along the border! Set up tents, and bring some border patrol agents right of the line to give testimony.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Kevin is an enemy of America First policies, his record is clear. Anyone who does not remember his record, turn off Faux News and try some decent sources. Otherwise, look silly.

He opposed wall funding the entire 4 years of Trump. He would not and he will not use spending powers to force action, anyone who believes otherwise is silly.

He is not speaker elect, and he will not be speaker.

His symbolic moves now, for show hearings, do not involve any implementation of policy whatsoever. We are all adult enough to know the difference between policy and gesture. Falling for more RINO lies is entirely unacceptable. His main power as speaker would be to force policy based on spending fights, not opportunistic “let’s meet at the border” farces.

3 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Kevin McCarthy is a RINO and like a Democrat has no backbone. He will “Act Like an America First Republican” if they will let him be Speaker. I don’t care if Kevin McCarthy is a RINO as long as the America First Republicans hold his feet to the Fire and make him Act Like an America First Republican. He can always just tell his donor friends that the America First Republicans made him do it. He’s good at Lying! All I care about is his actions.

3 months ago

Kevin McCarthy knows his chances of being Speaker are Slim and None unless he has an America First Epiphany.

Last edited 3 months ago by GuvGeek