McConnell on Nord Stream, Subject of Our Newsbreak Minute!


A content creator named Jack Kelly, barely out of university, is the founder and CEO of TLDR News. It can be found on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and who knows where else. He does not call himself a journalist but rather a content creator [as in make-believe?] in charge of content production. In any case, he says he’s non-political. Mitch McConnell chose Mr. Kelly to interview him during the Munich Security Conference.

McConnell told Kelly that “We have to remember what NATO is. It’s a military alliance.” True, but it’s also supposed to be the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. They are well past it in Ukraine, a non-NATO nation.

Kelly asked him who he thought blew up Nord Stream. Mitch laughed, “I don’t know, but it wasn’t us.”  He called anyone who disagreed with the war an “isolationist.”

A more experienced journalist might have dug a little deeper, but, then again, TLDR, the future of news, doesn’t appear to dig at all. It’s content production.

McConnell didn’t think President Xi would become an adversary in this war. That’s amazing to me.

Mr. Kelly describes his operation as the “future of news.” Does that mean TLDR just asks questions and lets the interviewee say whatever, unchallenged? Is that news?

Go to 5:30 to hear about Nord Stream:

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