Ministry of the Future Is Forming for All You Peasants Out There


As part of the World Government Summit (WGS) last week in Dubai, conference organizers presented the “Government in 2071” initiative.

It’s what they want our future dystopian governments to do when they interact with the peasants – the stakeholders in Klaus Schwab’s stakeholder capitalism.

The WGS has a “Government in 2071: Guidebook” all ready for handling the deplorables.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes, “The guidebook predicts that catastrophic climate change, mass migration, mass layoffs due to automation, ensuing social unrest, and the merging of humans and technology will define the next 50 years.”

The report divides the future into three eras: the Digital Connectivity Era (2018-2030), the New Exploration Era (2030-2050), and the Techno-Humanitarian Era (2050-2071). In other words, this is The Great Reset.

The god of “government” will provide all the solutions to all challenges they can foresee.

All of this is guided by a handful of elites who will allow the peasants to be stakeholders. There are two visions. There is the Klaus Schwab vision of a one world government, and there is the freedom-oriented vision of visionary Elon Musk. Will you choose Klaus Schwab or Elon Musk?



Laws and industry regulations will have to be adapted to AI [artificial intelligence]. “Mixed-profit/public-private corporations will emerge,” which “will work closely through joint ventures and partnerships with leading corporates to create smart cities and upgrade government functions,” RFK reports.

As a result, “coalitions of non-state players will become more important in shaping policy outcomes.” One “Ministry of the Future” will exist for the entire world “to ensure that decisions and directions are based on long-term planning and to avoid short-termism pressures of newly elected leaders,” the report says.

There will be robots everywhere and strict regulations on energy use to keep the earth’s temperature within their arbitrary 2⁰C or below.

They see nothing but disaster, but don’t worry; the government will be here to help.

They say they will need a massive shock to get it done. Would World War III and a nuclear war over Ukraine do it?

Sovereignty and nationalism stand in the way. Freedom for the peasants must as well.

There is much more on RFK Jr’s website.

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9 months ago

You know why the Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum Cult’s one World Government will never happen? The Military Industrial Complex will never allow World Peace!

And why was the World Government Summit in Dubai? The UAE is a Feudal Style Kingdom powered by Fossil Fuel.