McConnell’s brilliant statement on Nancy’s “golden pens on silver platters”


The signing of the Articles of Impeachment took place on a table with a political slogan on it, Mitch McConnell noted today on the floor of the Senate. The Senate Majority Leader said that Speaker Pelosi gave out souvenirs, “golden pens on silver platters,” as he painted a picture of a garish atmosphere.

The Speaker claimed for weeks that impeachment was a most serious and somber affair. She was very prayerful, according to her. McConnell called her on her hypocrisy.

“Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs,” McConnell said of the partisan process.

It was partisan from beginning to end, the Leader said, which is why they rushed the process in the House and denied the President due process.

[It was like a Carnival, but they are clowns.]

The Speaker didn’t find anything strange about handing out souvenirs during only the third presidential impeachment in history, McConnell asserted.

The Senate was empowered to serve as a check against a factionalized government, he reminded the members. McConnell talked of “animosities” and “animal instincts” the Senate is meant to keep at bay. The House’s hour is over and it’s time for the Senate to fulfill their purpose.

McConnell quoted Alexander Hamilton: “the demon of faction will, at certain seasons, extend his scepter over all numerous bodies of men.”


By way of comparison, listen to Speaker Nancy who is truly clueless, especially when she tries to blather quotes from our Founders or Abraham Lincoln:

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