Mean girl Claudia Conway is baaack, calling her mother ‘smelly Kelly’


Kellyanne and George Conway’s child is baaack. She said her parents were forcing her to leave social media. The teen even bade farewell to her more than 118,000 followers. That lasted only minutes.

The 15-year-old, who looks and acts like a 25-year-old, is online and it’s as if she never left. She made a new TikTok video in which she refers to her mother as “Smelly Kelly,” and then sarcastically claims she’s been “cured” of being a leftist. The disrespectful girl declares that she loves Trump and then mocks Trump and MAGA.


Here’s more:

Claudia recently told her father on Twitter that she’s sorry his marriage didn’t work out and live-streamed her mother trying to take her phone away.

Elle posted some of her tweets that are now deleted:

On the same day she said she was being forced off social media, she continued:

“@KellyannePolls @gtconway3d stop shutting my phone off lmao.”
— CLAUDIA CONWAY (@claudiamconwayy) July 3, 2020

“bahah im not angry im chillin im just over both of my parents trying to silence me.”
— CLAUDIA CONWAY (@claudiamconwayy) July 3, 2020

“my parents, particularly my mother, are trying to silence me by getting me to delete my social media. haha”
— CLAUDIA CONWAY (@claudiamconwayy) July 3, 2020

“i have a right to my freedom of speech. i’ve been nothing but respectful….”
— CLAUDIA CONWAY (@claudiamconwayy) July 3, 2020

“i’m aware but coming from someone who has been bullied and badgered her entire life because of her parents, i am frustrated. my frustration is valid! i couldn’t care less about media exposure— i’ll use whatever platform i’ve given, big or small, for good.”
— CLAUDIA CONWAY (@claudiamconwayy) July 3, 2020

She’s daddy’s little girl.

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