Meanwhile, back in the nation of CHAZ in the middle of downtown Seattle


It looks like the third world.

Meanwhile in the country of Chaz in Seattle

The ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ in Seattle, the flower children, are getting into fights. But the most militant of leaders, Luis Marquez, is there to save the day.

In the first clip, The Rose City Antifa leader, Luis Enrique Marquez is seen holding down a man who was an illegal immigrant inside the Seattle autonomous zone. He is the one with the hat in the foreground.

Their racist leader is a serious criminal:

They are violent when it comes to illegal immigrants. How ironic. These are the people calling for open borders and demanding police stop using pepper spray.


The NY Times boasted of how everything, including speech, is free in the zone. But it isn’t for Jesus.

This is exactly what happened in Occupy Wall Street. My friends and I went to Occupy pretending to be one of them. Many are deranged and the fighting is non-stop.

Lots of fights in the block party:

They’re racists too:

As we said, deranged:

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
3 years ago

They are very poorly organized, the local authorities in Seattle (starting with the Mayor) should hang their heads in shame for allowing this playpen of misfits to keep their shop open for this long. The police department could shut this down in less than an hour if the Mayor and City Council would give them the green light. If those patriot bikers really do show up as rumored these punks are going to find themselves very much embarrassed, if not wounded or killed.

BillyBob Texas
BillyBob Texas
3 years ago

It’s just beginning………Pop some corn, grab a couple cool ones and sit back and watch the action….