#CivilWarIsComing Is Trending & It Is Coming


The Left started the Twitter hashtag CivilWarIsComing trending today, not the right. It was the result of an interview on the fake news channel MSNBC. Basically, this is how it went:

At the Donald Trump rally in Des Moines, Iowa, MSNBC reporter Gary Grumbach interviewed supporters who have been arriving for days to the fairgrounds, including one woman who told him that a new Civil War is coming.

During Alex Witt Reports on Saturday, Grumbach noted that in Iowa, Trump is polling higher now even than when he was president.

He continued on, blathering about the manufactured and endless investigations the Left keeps throwing at Donald Trump to bankrupt him and keep him from running again.

“But I talked to folks out here who are simply just angry. They’re upset with the way the country is going right now, and frankly, they’re upset with the way the Republican party is handling everything,” he said, introducing his earlier talk with one attendee who was particularly candid.

“I think the Republicans are about as weak as they possibly could be in congress. You have maybe six that are worth their salt,” said the supporter, listing Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul (but, noticeably, not Grassley) among the good ones, and saying there are “two or three others.”

“The rest of them are just the same as the Democrats,” she said. “They’ve been there too long. They’re establishment. They don’t care about the American people because they’re in their elite little tower.”

She then said, “So we’re just sick of it, you know, and we’re not gonna take it anymore,” she declared. “I see a civil war coming. I do. I see civil war coming.”

Mediaite and several other leftist outlets demeaned her for the comments, but she is correct.

If the hard Left — the Democrats — think they can fundamentally transform us with fear tactics and constant attacks on Donald Trump, they are very misguided. They don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care and figure we’re easy pickings.

The Twitter sewer is trashing Donald Trump’s speech last night, claiming he’s inciting rebellion. Yet, it is the Left who are the revolutionaries. For example, they have a $3.5 trillion bill that will fundamentally transform us.

How long do they think Americans will tolerate their socialist and communist mandates? If they think they can get away with this indefinitely, they are sorely mistaken.

While it might not be fought in the streets, that is that possibility. They can keep innocent people locked up in DC and threaten parents who object to the racist CRT curriculum, but it won’t stop the majority of Americans who love freedom.

The executive agencies are no longer independent of each other and are plotting against the American people who they liken to domestic terrorists. Dangerous people are pouring through our borders to become part of their voter base and their Brownshirts — Antifa and BLM.

They are the minority and have a few opportunities left to fall back from their socialist/communist positions. Republicans also have a very short timeline and if they don’t start defending this country, their cushy little positions will be no more. They keep doing nothing, even when they have power.

We will meet the revolutionaries on whatever turf they choose — in the streets if necessary — but we will not be communists.

God bless America.

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