Media Knew About Oct. 7 But You’re Irresponsible If You Say It


On October 7, four photojournalists who provide reporting and photos for the Associated Press (AP), CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, and other outlets were allegedly at the Israeli border before, during, and after the genocidal terror attack that took the lives of 1400 Israelis.

After Honest Reporting exposed several journalists covering the October 7 attack as vicious antisemites, some in the media cut ties with them, showing some awareness of the optics. However, as the story went global, so did the pushback.

Why didn’t these so-called reporters warn Israel of the attack? They witnessed pure evil and instead of stopping it, they filmed. One carried the grenade as he sped along on the back of a motorcycle.

Legal Insurrection reports that US intel had to know about these so-called journalists embedded with Hamas. They supported terrorism against Israel, and the repercussions were far beyond what they expected.

They exposed themselves to the American public as they tried to discredit Honest Reporting.

Israeli and Palestinian supporters rallied around 42nd street in New York on October 9, 2023 for and against terrorist attack against Israel by Hamas. Pro-Palestinian supporters march after the rally

Honest Reporting wrote on their site, “We set out to shine a light on the conversation surrounding the media’s use of Palestinian stringers who, at best, operate in an environment controlled by Hamas, and at worst, are active accomplices.”

“And we did it not only in our role as a media monitoring organization. We approached it as Israelis. As Jews. As human beings. Because it’s impossible to separate anything from the horrific events of October 7, which appear to have faded so rapidly from the collective memory of the outside world and the media. For Israelis, October 7 is an open and gaping wound. Which is why, when we looked at photographs on an Associated Press carousel embedded in an online story last week, we were horrified and disgusted.”

Shamelessly, Reuters is trying to make Honest Reporting look bad for reporting the truth that they have not debunked. They say journalists must report war as it happens, but the problem is that they knew before the slaughter and not only did nothing, they might have taken part in it. You’re not a journalist under those conditions. You’re a terrorist.

As PJ Media reports: The website HonestReporting, which chronicles coverage of Israel by an increasingly one-sided press to contrast the “Pallywood” and crisis actor coverage by Hamas and its agents, asks: “Is it conceivable to assume that ‘journalists’ just happened to appear early in the morning at the border without prior coordination with the terrorists? Or were they part of the plan?” 

As they said, the media is in “panic mode.”

The New York Times is defending its use of the Hamas lover photojournalist.

The New York Times defended its use of freelancer Yousef Masoud, who embedded with Hamas before the attack, as NewsBusters’s Curtis Houck noted. They claim they knew nothing.

Curtis Houck wrote on X:

The statement also hailed [photojournalist terrorist] Masoud as having “done important work for us” and said criticizing the press “put[s] our journalists…at risk.”

There it is.

Criticize us? Suggest we’re unethical? Then you want us dead!

The liberal press loves playing the stochastic terrorism card.

But, wait, there’s more!

The Times says people like Masoud “rush into danger to provide first-hand witness accounts” and thus provide an “essential role.” Idk, but standing idly by as Hamas burns people alive, rapes women, and slits throats isn’t exactly “essential.”

NYT closed with this cartoonish nonsense again, accusing @HonestReporting (and any criticism of the press) of peddling “unsupported accusations” that lead to “threats to” the lives of journalists, depriving “the public” of their work.


Here is their grenade-carrying reporter being kissed by the Hamas Kahuna.

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