Medvedev Blasts Poland, Warning It Would Be Expensive


In a blistering social media post, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, now a top Kremlin security adviser, blasted Poland for its support of Ukraine, said Senior White House Correspondent Alexander Nazaryan.

Now we have revived tensions between Poland and Russia. Great work Joe!

Poland’s fiery defense of Ukraine would prove “expensive and pointless,” Medvedev predicted, ominously adding that he was confident that Warsaw would “make the right choice” and embrace Russia again.

In Monday’s post on the Telegram social network, Medvedev lamented that “the interests of Polish citizens have been sacrificed to Russophobia” by “talentless politicians and their puppeteers” in the United States. He branded Polish leaders — two of whom, Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Mateusz Morawiecki, traveled to besieged Kyiv last week with other Eastern European leaders to meet with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — “political imbeciles” who were spreading “vulgar” propaganda about Russia.

Moscow might have thought Poland would be on their side or remain neutral.

Russian propaganda mostly portrays the invasion of Ukraine as a justified operation of limited scope.



[This sounds like something Putin wrote]

While Europe is painfully aware of the damage that anti-Russian sanctions will cause it, our most beloved European country ran ahead of the accelerated locomotive, as always. Literally. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, together with Deputy Prime Minister Kaczynski, as well as the prime ministers of the Czech Republic and Slovenia, went to Kiev on a specially guarded train.

Almost like Ilyich in an armored wagon for German money. We talked with Zelensky, promised friendship and help. They lied, of course. Upon his return, Morawiecki solemnly announced the development of a program for the “de-Russification of the Polish and European economy.”

Bravely clarifying that “it may be expensive.” Absolutely and completely right: expensive and pointless. But Poland may no longer take costs into account. Everything she could lose because of her own long-term pathological Russophobia has already been lost. So now, as the favorite neighbors of the Poles say, “the barn burned down – burn and the hut.”

When it comes to Russia, Poland is literally writhing in “phantom pains.” It is very difficult for its elites to come to terms with the fact that the Time of Troubles almost 400 years ago ended with the expulsion of the Polish occupiers from the Kremlin.

That the great empire of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth did not take place later. And the reason for this is not the intrigues of Russia, but internal squabbles, corruption, economic failures, lost battles. And so – for many centuries. Polish propaganda is the most vicious, vulgar, and screeching critic of Russia.

Community of political imbeciles. Despite the fact that in our country it is not customary to hush up even the darkest pages of our common history, in Poland they dream of forgetting about the times of the Second World War. First of all, about those Soviet soldiers who defeated fascism expelled the occupiers from Polish cities and prevented them from blowing up Krakow, liberated prisoners of Auschwitz and Majdanek.

History is now being redrawn, monuments are being demolished. But the fascist occupation is openly equated with the “Soviet” one. It is difficult to think of a more deceitful and disgusting rhetoric, but the Poles succeed. At the same time, there are no anti-Polish sentiments in Russia and there were none. Sociologists testify that the citizens of our country are quite friendly to this people.

It is impossible to forget the surge of sympathy and compassion caused by the plane crash near Smolensk, when a high-ranking delegation led by the president was killed. People carried flowers to the embassy and churches, expressed condolences in the press and social networks. In Russia, I, as the head of state of the country, declared a day of mourning. Later, during my visits to Poland, I was convinced: there are no obstacles to improving relations between our countries, this is a road with oncoming traffic. However, the political elites, led by Kaczynski’s No. 2 PiS party, controlled by the American masters, did everything to block the normal path.

Now the interests of Polish citizens are sacrificed to the Russophobia of these incompetent politicians and their puppeteers from across the ocean with obvious signs of senile insanity.

The decision to abandon the purchase of Russian gas, oil and coal, opposition to Nord Stream 2 have already caused serious damage to the economy of this country. Now it will only get worse. The same applies to many other steps, which are based not on economics, but on politicking under the guise of “de-Russification”. But now it is much more important for the vassal Polish elites to swear allegiance to their suzerain, America, than to help their own citizens, so they will constantly maintain the fire of hatred against the enemy in the face of Russia.

What will citizens gain from this? Absolutely nothing. But sooner or later they will understand that hatred of Russia does not bind society, does not contribute to well-being and tranquility. And vice versa: economic cooperation with our country is beneficial to the Poles, human ties are indispensable, and cultural and scientific exchange between the homelands of Pushkin and Mickiewicz, Tchaikovsky and Chopin, Lomonosov and Copernicus is vital. And most likely, then they will make the right choice – themselves, without prompting and pressure from the overseas elites suffering from dementia.

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