Putin Ally Warns a Russia-US Confrontation Could End in a Nuclear Dystopia


According to Guy Faulconbridge at Reuters, Dmitry Medvedev, a close ally of Russian President Putin, sent a chilling warning to the world on Wednesday. He said the world could spiral towards a nuclear dystopia if Washington continues what they believe is a long-term plot to destroy Russia.

Medvedev, who was the figurehead president from 2008 to 2012 and serves as the deputy secretary of the Security Council, said the US has conspired to destroy Russia since 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union.

Russia is paranoid about the United States.

“It means Russia must be humiliated, limited, shattered, divided, and destroyed,” Medvedev, 56, said in a 550-word statement.

Reuters reports that Medvedev is “one of the least hawkish members of Putin’s circle” and is giving insight into thinking of the Kremlin.

The United States says it would be best served by “a prosperous, stable and open Russia.”

Russia’s invasion resulted in a potential confrontation between Russia and the United States.

Putin now claims the invasion was necessary because the US is using Ukraine to threaten Russia. They also claim they had to protect Russian speakers against the “genocide” by Ukraine.

He warned that if DC did achieve its destructive aims then the world could face a dystopian crisis that would end in a “big nuclear explosion”.

The destruction of the world’s biggest country by area, Medvedev said, could lead to an unstable leadership in Moscow “with a maximum number of nuclear weapons aimed at targets in the United States and Europe.”

Russia’s collapse, he said, would lead to five or six nuclear armed states across the Eurasian landmass run by “freaks, fanatics, and radicals”.

“Is this a dystopia or some mad futuristic forecast? Is it Pulp fiction? No,” Medvedev said.

As reported earlier, Russia sent out a chilling warning if the US sends peacekeepers in to Ukraine. The proposal came from Poland.


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