Meet Mr. Chidi – Fani Willis’s Activist Witness in Trump Prosecution


Atlanta Journalist George Chidi needs his mouth washed out with soap like my great-grandma used to do. He is Fani Willis’s Progressive witness in the case coming up in Georgia against Donald Trump and the electors.

Mr. Chidi is Willis’s main consultant in the case. He’s biased. Mr. Chidi said he is testifying to “defend democracy.” [We’re a Republic]

Ms. Willis plans to use a RICO statute and prosecute Mr. Trump as if he were a mobster.

Journalist Chidi will say that Republican alternate electors secretly met since they threw him out of their meeting.

George Chidi’s screenshot from Joy Reid show.

Currently, Ms. Willis is working in secret off-site for the next two weeks, feverishly putting her case together against Donald Trump. It’s what she ran on and lives for.

As a woman, I find Mr. Chidi’s worldview tainted by misogyny. Former Senator Loeffler, who has an MBA and worked in private equity, is successful and accomplished in her own right, but he sees her as ***k*** her way into wealth. This is what he brings to the table. When he speaks, this is what you will hear playing in the background. It’s who he is.

Mr. Chidi thinks she deserves that because he disagrees with her political viewpoint. From that mouth, we will hear his testimony against Donald Trump.

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