Meghan and Harry got some bad news after their tell-all interview


Prince Harry and Meghan sat for an interview with Oprah to expose their family secrets. For some reason, they felt the need to completely trash Harry’s family. They called them racist liars who nearly drove her to suicide.

If they thought it was going to raise their favorables, they’re in for a big surprise.

A new poll reveals that their popularity plummeted. Harry’s disapproval numbers are now higher than his approval numbers.

While 45% of the British public approved of Harry, 48% disapproved. On March 2, prior to the interview, Harry‘s approval rating was 12 points higher than disapproval numbers.

Only 31% of respondents viewed Markle favorably; a whopping 58% viewed her unfavorably. Her deficit was 27%, plunging from her deficit of 14% a week ago.

Among 18-24-year-olds, 55% approved of Markle; 32% disapproved. Harry posted similar numbers with the age group: 59% approved while 28% disapproved. But among Britons 65 and older, 69% disapproved of Harry, and a staggering 83% disapproved of Markle.

80% of respondents approved of Queen Elizabeth; roughly 75% of respondents approved of Prince William and Princess Kate.

Perhaps there is justice after all. Not many think it’s very nice to go on TV and damage your entire family.

After Piers Morgan made comments criticizing Markle on Monday’s “Good Morning Britain” for her comments in the Winfrey interview but before he left the show on Tuesday, Markle filed a formal complaint to ITV, which produces the show, according to the British press.

Markle claimed she was concerned that his comments about not believing she was suicidal would negatively affect people who are suffering from mental health problems.

Many think she doesn’t like anyone criticizing her and is vengeful.

Trump was right after all:

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