Megyn Kelly Slams Daily Mail Photographing Her Kids


Megyn Kelly is dealing with a real mess during her break-up with NBC. They fired her over a harmless blackface comment when they obviously just wanted to get rid of her. Reports went out that she would like to go back to Fox but they don’t want her because she burned her bridges.

Media is reporting that she basically blackmailed NBC, telling them she would sign the nondisclosure if they gave her $10 million more. They already — allegedly — said they offered her the $38 million left on her contract.

Other reports say she was offered $69 million.

Megyn said she won’t sign the NDA just yet because they are spreading lies about her.

She worked at NBC for a little more than a year and her efforts bombed, partly because people wouldn’t accept her since she was once a Fox anchor. Her following was gone by the time she got to NBC because of her constant anti-Trump assaults on her nightly show.

She had a year-and-a-half left on her NBC contract.

Her lawyer made the unusual move of telling NBC to stop leaking or correct the false reports.

NBC hit back.

Now Kelly’s being pursued by tabloid reporters of The Daily Mail who are taking photos of her children. They are hounding her and allegedly hid until they got a photo of her 7-year old in secret.


In a pair of tweets, Kelly slammed the British tabloid for “secretly” videotaping her 7-year-old daughter and her daughter’s classmates in an article Wednesday detailing Kelly’s life following her departure from the “Megyn Kelly Today” show.

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