4th Large “Imaginary” Caravan of Non-Invaders Hits the Road


CNN said the caravans are “imaginary” and The Resurgent says they are not invaders. Therefore, we want to inform you that the fourth large caravan of non-invaders has just left Central America for the United States.

The media has a new spin on it too. They claim they are migrating to avoid global warming.

The left — Democrats and media — are also calling it a Trump stunt. Secretary Mattis took that one on.

“We don’t do stunts in this department. Thank you,” Mattis told a reporter who posed the question after a Pentagon meeting with Mattis’ South Korean counterpart. The defense secretary added the deployment was to provide “practical support” to the Department of Homeland Security and was based on a request from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The President said 15,000 more troops might be deployed to the border. He is done with open borders.

About 2,000 migrants began walking north from El Salvador’s capital on Wednesday, the latest of several groups trying to reach the United States, even as President Donald Trump increases pressure to halt the flow of people.

The migrants departed in two groups, including men and women pushing strollers and others with children on their shoulders. On Sunday, a separate group comprising about 300 people set off for the U.S. border from the Salvadoran capital, according to Reuters.

A caravan estimated to number up to 7,000 people, which left Honduras in mid-October is now in southern Mexico. It has become a flashpoint in U.S. congressional elections on Nov. 6.

The other caravan has at least 2,000 people.


Democrats insist there is no caravan and it’s a no-never-mind. They are just poor people — refugees — seeking safe harbor. Many are of course but wanting to live better is not grounds to ask for asylum and we can’t take everyone in Central America into our country although Democrats would love it. It would mean lots of votes for them.

When is it considered an invasion? How many thousands, including criminals and potential terrorists, does it take? Is there a maximum number of leftist groups and communist funders before we call it an invasion? How many guns do we have to spot and how many bombs do they have to lob?

They are demanding entry to the United States — DEMANDING — while marching with their country’s flag.

The President of Guatemala and his intel chief say it’s funded by Venezuela and other bad actors.

There they go, the 4th imaginary caravan — to the border.


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