Megyn Kelly & the President Don’t Hold Back on the Deep State Author


Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor turned NBC daytime host, was caught by TMZ in Manhattan and asked what she thought of the deep state anonymous writer. Her answer is surprising since she has no use for Donald Trump.

Kelly didn’t take an ideological position, she took a constitutional and moral one. She said the person “should grow up” and come out publicly. Calling the anonymous person “unelected”, she said, “you don’t just subvert the peoples’ will” by trying “to steal things” from the President. If a person has a problem with Trump, work against him publicly, she said.

The President was fairly elected and if you don’t like it, go directly to the voters and to Congress, but “don’t be a coward”, she added.

“The person has no right to be subverting the peoples’ will,” she concluded, and that is something everyone should agree with.

The person who wrote that article made a statement that sounded like a threat. Given the admission by the NYT anonymous author that they are willing to subvert the will of the people by limiting or stopping the President’s agenda, the statement has very ominous implications.

The author wrote, “So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.”


The President also weighed in during an interview with Pete Hegseth at the Montana rally last evening.

When somebody writes and you can’t discredit because you have no idea who they are…it’s a very unfair thing, but it’s very unfair to our country and to the millions of people who voted for us, they voted for us…”

“We have a lot of love in the White House…it’s a well-oiled machine…outside that swampy area”. The level of hate is also unbelievable, he noted.

The President said it’s “virtually treason.”

In this next clip, he mentions the great message by Kim Jong-un of North Korea.


NYT’s WH Coward Confirms Existence of the Deep State Four Times

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