Merry Christmas! Nancy Pelosi will proceed with articles of impeachment


Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will bring articles of impeachment, claiming the President “leaves us no choice but to act.” She must have the votes for impeachment, although we are sure she will let some of her more vulnerable members opt-out.

She made the announcement on Thursday morning.

This comes following an abominably biased House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday. There were three far-left, biased constitutional lawyers and one liberal scholar who tried to defend the Constitution.

The media isn’t covering anything Jonathan Turley said and is on board with the House Democrats. Perhaps they drive them, who knows. They have a symbiotic relationship.

This is the Democrats’ Christmas gift to 62 million Americans and it’s the next step in a coup.

Democrats only care about impeachment and the coup.

Democrats keep saying the “facts are uncontested,” but the witnesses only repeated assumptions and presumptions. They are the ones who want a one-party rule. They are the monarch wannabes. Their sudden love for the Constitution is absurdly disingenuous.

As Buck Sexton says:

As Joel Pollack says:

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