Mexico Sets Up an Illegal Immigrant Voting System in Wyoming?


We don’t know if this is happening or if it’s only happening in Wyoming, but it is deeply troubling. It looks like Mexico is setting up a facility in Wyoming, enabling illegal migrants to vote in our election.

Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams wrote a letter to the leader of a new immigrant resource center in Jackson, Wyoming. She hopes to get more information on the structure and services of this facility set up by Mexico.

“Last month, Mexico opened Casa Tlaxcala to offer assistance to illegal immigrants in Wyoming. They will assist them with documents, including passports, driver’s licenses, and other forms of photo identification. ”

The Mexican state of Tlaxcala allegedly opened the facility. It offers these services to ALL IMMIGRANTS IN THE UNITED STATES, INCLUDING THOSE HERE WITHOUT LEGAL PERMISSION.

The Letter

Her letter asks if they receive funding from the town, the Board, or the State. Do they assist legal and illegal migrants alike? Do they assist only immigrants from Mexico or other countries?

Rep. Rodriguez-Williams explained that current state law requires voters to present an ID when voting in person. They can use a driver’s license of an ID card from Wyoming or another state, or a valid US passport, which Casa Tlaxcal may assist in obtaining. Wyoming voters ARE NOT REQUIRED to meaningfully prove their residency or citizenship status when registering to vote or casting a ballot.

“Additionally, those eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and other welfare recipients are not required to provide proof of Wyoming residency or citizenship status when applying.”

She concluded by saying she was “troubled by the fact that a foreign government is spending unknown amounts of money in Wyoming to help potential illegal immigrants gain a foothold in our State, seemingly, without any oversight.”

Can you imagine if a foreign government has been setting up facilities to help illegal foreigners to vote? Biden is selling us out. This wouldn’t be a surprise. I know Democrats don’t believe it, but he is selling us down the river.

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