MI attorney believes he found the thread to unravel the 2020 election, huge!


Michigan constitutional attorney Matthew De Perno became involved in the 2020 election when his client hired him out of concern over a vote legalizing marijuana.

Then the public became aware of votes that appeared to flip in favor of Joe Biden in Antrim County. They did indeed flip and excuses by the officials didn’t wash.

Between November 3 and December 17, Donald Trump received an additional 5,250 votes while Joe Biden saw a 1,810 vote decrement for a net swing of 7,060 votes in Antrim County.

Despite threats, Mr. De Perno has pursued the case, and he believes he found the thread that will unravel the 2020 election in Antrim County.

The investigation uncovered 66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in only 9 counties.

There were a number of other abnormalities. Here are a few:
Key assertions:
  • Antrim is the only county where registrations have dropped since the 2020 election was held
  • There were 25.5% more registered voters in Antrim County than eligible residents indicating a large number of potential “ghost ballots”
  • There is clear evidence of algorithmic allocation of voters to ballots which in turn clearly indicates fraud.

There is a lot more on this link.

This is the link to Mr. DePerno’s files.

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