Judge allows release of forensic exam on Dominion machines! Attorney threatened


“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right…and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers.”

~ John Adams, A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal law, 1765

This morning, at 8 am, in Michigan’s 13th Circuit Court, Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer was to decide if he will allow Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno of the DePerno Law Firm to release the information about the examination of the Dominion machines in Antrim County, Michigan.



Antrim is the county that witched 4,000 Trump votes to Biden. It was described as a human error, but an attorney on the case Matthew dePerna said it was a machine error.

On December 4, Judge Elsenheimer granted permission to DePerno’s client, William Bailey, and his team of IT experts to conduct a forensic study of the 16 Dominion voting machines, tabulators, thumb drives, related software, and the Clerk’s “master tabulator” used in the November elections in Antrim County, MI.

In the judge’s court order, the plaintiff, Mr.Bailey, was also granted the ability to conduct an independent investigation of the images they obtained in their examination. He was concerned about the vote legalizing marijuana.

The collection took eight hours. Under a strict chain of custody, with sheriffs, the team left to examine the data.


The next day, Mr. DePerno was threatened. He received a phone call from the MI State Bar warning him that they have opened an investigation into a case he tried over a year ago in Lapeer, MI.

Mr. DePerno was told that the State Bar of Michigan had already requested over 6,000 pages of documents related to the case.

According to Mr. DePerno, there has never been a single complaint filed about the case. He believes the phone call was simply an act of intimidation on the part of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.  There is no evidence the case is under investigation.

On December 9,  Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel added Michigan’s far-left, dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to the lawsuit as a defendant.

A protective order was issued to keep the results secret.

On Friday, December 10, Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno, who is now in possession of the initial preliminary results of the forensic examination of the Dominion voting machine, filed an emergency order asking Judge Kevin Elsenheimer to lift the protective order prohibiting him from sharing the results of the inspection, calling it a matter of “national security.”

Yesterday, Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel tweeted a warning shot directed specifically at “Lawyers who practice in Michigan,” letting them know that their oath prevents them from filing “unjust and/or frivolous actions” or from misleading the court.


It ended at 9:15. The report will be released immediately.



  1. Its a vast Commicrat cover up. It cannot stand! There remains one sure avenue to victory. Tim Pool writes, “House GOP Has Major Plan To FLIP Electoral Vote To Trump, NYT Says Pence Could REJECT Democrat Votes. While it is most likely a big nothing burger there will always be one last attempt to say Trump can still win. Truth be told however is that he can. Mike Pence counts the electoral votes come January 6th and if enough Republicans contest enough votes Pence could choose to toss out Electoral College votes forcing a contingent election in which Trump and Pence would be reelected.”

    Throw out the votes of NV, AZ, WI, MI, PA and GA and the election goes to the House and Trump wins a new term.SCOTUS has already indicated it will not intervene when they refused to take up the Texas case. We need MIllion Trump supporters in the District of Corruption and on the steps of the Capital to insure Pence does his duty and the House does their duty. hHort of a bloody civil war this is the only avenue open to saving our Republic.

  2. Litigate the right way comrade or there will be a tinted window SUV pull up for some undocumented physical training.
    Forward! Yes we can…be Zimbabwe.

  3. How is this a Republican victory? They held back the report until the Electoral College met–mission accomplished! LOL! The damage is done. Add to that the fact that the Democrats are emboldened and empowered to steal the Georgia runoffs, as well. And have their system in-place and tested! Things don’t look good at all.

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