MI Gov Whitmer slapped down by state Supreme Court for arbitrary, unilateral decrees


The supreme court in Michigan has ruled that [tyrannical] Governor Gretchen Whitmer exceeded her constitutional authority under state law in the arbitrary enforcement of her unilateral decrees to mitigate the COVID-19 virus.

She rules like a dictator. Whitmer did things like shutting down the gardening section of Home Depot and told residents they could go to Home Depot but not to buy gardening supplies, seeds, and implements.

The governor took an elderly man’s barbers’ license away when he opened so he could get money enough to live. She did the same thing to a hair salon owner. People couldn’t go out on their boats in the summer.

The court rebuked the governor:

“The people of this state have been denied a voice and a seat at the table in decisions that have impacted every facet of their lives and their futures over the past eight months. They deserve to have their representatives bring their voice and their concerns into this decision-making process.”

The 4-3 ruling, the court said her authority ended on April 30. Unless the legislature rules otherwise in 28 days, the governor must terminate the state of emergency or state of disaster.

They wrote:

“Put simply, and our criticism is not of the Governor in this regard but of the statute in dispute — almost certainly, no individual in the history of this state has ever been vested with as much concentrated and standardless power to regulate the lives of our people, free of the inconvenience of having to act in accord with other accountable branches of government and free of any need to subject her decisions to the ordinary interplay of our system of separated powers and checks and balances, with even the ending date of this exercise of power reposing exclusively in her own judgment and discretion,” the majority wrote.

“It is in no way to diminish the present pandemic for this Court to assert, as we now do, that with respect to the most fundamental propositions of our system of constitutional governance, with respect to the public institutions that have most sustained our freedoms over the past 183 years, there must now be some rudimentary return to normalcy.”

They’re destroying peoples’ lives and livelihood. Whitmer and her legislature went too far. Whitmer shut everything down and it’s a serious violation of Michiganders’ civil rights.

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