MI judge OKs ballot harvesting and 2-week delay of ballots


The Michigan judge extended the deadline for absentee ballots dramatically by two weeks.

Judge Cynthia Stephens ruled that absentee ballots postmarked before Election Day can be counted if they arrive two weeks after the polls close.

Previously, only ballots received by 8 p.m. on Election Day could be counted. If they are legitimate voters, why can’t they mail them on time?

This is an invitation to fraud. Democrats will keep counting votes until Joe Biden and the other Democrat candidates win.

The ruling was a victory for Democratic groups that brought the lawsuit. They argued in Michigan and other battleground states that many late-arriving ballots should still be counted.

This is a repeat of Orange County, California. Ballots were popping up in car trunks, closets, and so on with no chain of custody.


Michigan is sending ‘universal ballots,’ in other words, ballots are going out to every address. The Secretary of State even put inaccurate ballots online until they were downloaded 400 times — then it was corrected.

The Hillary-Russia probe lawyer Marc Elias is one of the litigants.

“This is a HUGE win for all Michigan voters who plan to vote by mail in November,” Democratic lawyer Marc Elias, who was involved in the lawsuit, said in a statement.


The judge also ruled that third-party ballot collection — sometimes pejoratively called “ballot harvesting” — can occur in the days leading up to Election Day.

This means Michigan voters can give their ballots to “any third party of his or her choosing,” who will then return the absentee ballot. This process does increase the risk of fraud. There are criminal penalties if third parties tamper with or destroy ballots, but try and prove thousands or millions of fraudulent votes in the short timeline allowed.

Nevada is doing the same thing.

This is exactly how Orange County, California was lost.

They never catch the frauds and liberal judges find for the state as a rule:

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