Michael Avenatti Sends Out An Urgent Warning to DA Bragg from Prison


Michael Avenatti file photo

Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer Michael Avenatti tweeted a warning to Alvin Bragg to be careful about pursuing the case against Donald Trump based on Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. He said there is much more not yet revealed, and a case can’t be made with Cohen and Daniels as witnesses.

The now-imprisoned disbarred lawyer tweeted, “There are many critical facts and pieces of evidence (texts, emails, etc.) relating to the hush money scandal that have yet to see the light of day. And they will, unfortunately, be very damaging to the prosecution if Trump stands trial. At this point, you simply can’t build a case on the testimony of Cohen & Daniels.”

We have already seen enough to make this case null and void, to say nothing of the fact that it’s beyond the statute of limitations. There’s more?

He also had unkind words about the renowned congenital liar Michael Cohen.

“I have been consistent for 5 yrs: NEVER underestimate the ability of Michael Cohen to screw something up by engaging in stupidity, lies, and sheer fuckery. NEVER,” CNN’s idea of a presidential candidate, Michael Avenatti wrote. “Rule: If you have to meet with a witness over 20 times to get to the alleged “facts” and the “truth”, RUN!!! Because you’ve got yourself a terrible witness who can’t be trusted and might just crater your career and your reputation.”

He used the hashtag “ZERONOTHERO.”


New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg convened a grand jury to consider charges against Donald Trump for a campaign finance violation, a misdemeanor Bragg arbitrarily and unilaterally elevated to a felony.

The Southern District of New York investigated and declined to prosecute. That should have been a warning to Alvin Bragg.

The violation was paying hush money to prostitute Stormy Daniels after they allegedly had a one-night stand. The claim is he paid her off to win his election. Evidence points to Donald Trump wanting to silence Stormy to protect his marriage. Mr. Trump wanted to take care of the situation legally. Michael Cohen then paid off Stormy with his own funds, and Donald Trump never reimbursed him. Also, Stormy said more than once that the affair never happened, and on one occasion she did it in writing.

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2 months ago

I wish people would stop warning foolish Liberals. Let them prove to the World that they are emotional little children who are not in control of their feelings and go through life like a 2 y/o constantly throwing temper tantrums and lying when you catch them with a hand in the cookie jar.

Liberals are emotionally unequipped to deal with a complex modern world. We should just designate a Place like Puerto Rico Liberal La-la Land and send all the crazy Liberals there. We can then just fill their lives with Smart Phone Propaganda like they were Plugged into the Matrix. But we can’t ever let them out! For Card Carrying Liberals, their condition appears to be irreversible. They are too dangerous to be allowed to roam among normal people! Whenever a Liberal gets any Power they abuse it. If they don’t have Power, they riot and kill hoping to gain it. A Card Carrying Liberal is the combination of a Sociopath and Psychopath wrapped into one. They are cold-hearted, calculating, immoral, and lack all emotional control. They only know “feelings” and lack all common-sense and logic. Bragg is a poster child of a Card Carrying Liberal. He sees the World as he wants it to be and Rejects Reality. In any position of Power, people like Bragg are a danger to society.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

This comment reflects personal suspicions and is not intended to be a statement of proven facts.
Over approximately the last 5-6 years the Democrats have repeatedly shown an incredible fear of Donald Trump? The have sought in so many ways to remove him from the presidency and then to make him a non-viable candidate for reelection.
I suspect that there are many in their fold that believe if they can accomplish that goal they will win the ‘golden fleece’ that is, they will receive a ride to the top in celebrity popularity, and power within in the party, and possibly become the replacement candidate for ‘senile Joe’ in 2024. From my perspective it is a stupid dream and shows utter disregard for the presidency and the American people. At the same time one could speculate that it has propelled Kamala Harris to being at the door with the added ‘honor’ of being the first woman in the oval office.
Desperate people do stupid things. It appears Michael Avenatti tried and crashed. It would be wonderful to know if Avenatti is offering a sincere warning to Bragg or just trying to big note himself.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Bragg…like ALL Soros proteges…is an idiot…