Michelle Malkin’s Fiery Immigration Speech at CPAC


Michelle Malkin gave a fiery speech at CPAC in 2019 that is even more relevant in 2022. During the speech, she gave horrifying statistics on immigration into this country. That is before counting the illegal immigrants expected to be over 7 million next year alone. It’s horrifying because it’s solidifying the US as a one-party State run by Progressive Democrats.

Ms. Malkin began with statistics. We grant one million residencies to people from around the world every year. Green Card holders are expected to increase by ten million by 2025, more than the current population of Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Boston, Chicago, LA, and Atlanta. Now multiply that number by at least three-and-a-half for their families who will come over with chain migration. Another 85,000 refugees and 25,000 asylum seekers enter the country annually through an open system rife with fraud and abuse. The process is jokingly dubbed ‘refugee roulette’ by immigration lawyers.

Ms. Malkin asks, “How’s that for a way to run your country? From 2008 to 2017, the US gave Green Cards to two million migrants for so-called humanitarian claims, a population larger than the city of Philadelphia. Nearly half a million got in during that time through the visa diversity lottery without vetting.

Once Democrats realized the migrants were voting for Democrats or joining protests for them, they embraced open borders.

A Fiery Michelle Malkin:

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