Michelle Obama’s SPOX Says She’s Not Running for President


According to NBC News, Michelle Obama has ruled herself out as a presidential candidate. They think this should end speculation that she would jump in at the last minute to give Democrats, an alternative to aging Joe Biden.

NBC News reported, “As former First Lady, Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” said Crystal Carson, her Director of Communications. “Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden, and vice president, Kamala Harris‘s reelection campaign.”

However, I wouldn’t take that to the bank just yet. What else is she going to say?

It’s hard to believe Biden will make it to the election, much less a four-year term. Should he become incapable of continuing during his term,  Kamala would make a good figurehead and complete the Marxist takeover that Barack Obama began.

The former first lady has never been too keen on politics and seemed happy to leave the White House, but it would be her Marxist husband running the show. All the Democrats and black people would vote for her. She could win.

As strategist Michael Caputo said, “Plant a solution story, fertilize it for harvest later. Classic establishment misinformation.”

Michelle has been accused of running a shadow campaign, and the Obamas will do anything to win this next election to finish us off.

It will be a miracle if Biden gets through his SOTU, but the pre-speech expectations are that it will be the speech of the century. Maybe they’re setting him up to fail?


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