Michigan Killer’s Parents Sentenced to a Minimum of 10 Years


I don’t know if I agree with this sentence. The Michigan school shooter’s parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley were sentenced to at least ten years in prison. I’d like to see their cases go to the Supreme Court.

Granted, I didn’t follow the trial closely enough, but they were saddled with a crazy kid. Are we going to put every parent with a bad killer kid in prison?

Jennifer Crumbley

Now, I do know the father bought the gun the killer used, and it was poorly secured.

“Jennifer and James Crumbley are the first parents convicted in a U.S. mass school shooting. They were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors presented evidence of an unsecured gun at home and indifference toward the teen’s mental health,” the AP writes.

Yes, they should have recognized the “runaway train,” but having worked with children and parents for three decades, I can tell you denial can be a real thing. I consider it an illness. If a parent has shut down to their child’s issues, you can’t get through no matter what you say or how intelligent they are.

James Crumbley

“Ethan Crumbley drew dark images of a gun, a bullet, and a wounded man on a math assignment, accompanied by despondent phrases. Staff at Oxford High School did not demand that he go home but were surprised when the Crumbleys didn’t volunteer it during a brief meeting.”

As an educator, I can tell you that’s on the educators also.

I put this up mostly so I could hear what others think. I am a hard-on-crime person and believe in the death penalty for some people, but I’m not sure ten years makes sense here. I’m not sure the guilty verdict does. It seems a bit unfair. There is no law for this. Their crime is not recognizing their child’s problems were all that serious.

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